A Trade for Idiocracy

My friends have been raving about the movie Idiocracy for years and yet I have not taken the effort to acquire it.

Erik from Erik Eats suggested I trade something for it.

If you have the movie and would like to trade me for it, let me know what you would want in trade. I will not trade for cash, but I do have some old coins!

Here are some things I have that you might be interested in trading:
A large chuck of Galena
Original HolyJuan cartoons that can be signed by the author or I can write a famous person’s name on it
Or I can let you be a guest writer or write something for you

If you are in Columbus, we can arrange a swap. Otherwise we can arrange shipping. If you live in Las Vegas, I'll come pick it up.

Let me know in the comments or at holyjuan@gmail.com.

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