Switcheroo Name

Here is how you play the game: switch the first letters of your first and last name (for me it would be Joly Haun.) The new name will fall into one of the five categories:

1. No Change
Sadly, the first letters of your first and last name are the same. No fun. Sorry Kris Kristofferson.

2. Foreign Exchange Student
Remember that kid in high school that smelled like cheese and was always staring at you? Don't be sad, there will always be the other foreign exchange student for you to take to the prom. This means you Lia Eastep and Josh Kessler.

3. Porn Star
While a very small percentage of the population falls into this category, you have made it big. Good job, Rick Dodsworth!

4. Nemesis of Conan the Barbarian
Sometimes your Switcheroo Name just sounds evil. An evil person that would want to kill Cimmerians with guttural sounds that could only be pronounced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. I’m looking at you Greg Allender and Stephanie Kuwasaki.

5. Norse God
Your regular name is boring, but your Switcheroo Name is GODLIKE! Usually you throw a couple of vowels in the first name and you will be messing in the matters of men and lying around eating manna. This means you John Acton.


Steph said...

Ptephanie Srice sounds like it's in pergatory between Godlike and a nemesis of Conan.

sedgehurst said...

Last name 'Renny' -- I think that makes me a foreign exchange student. From Burma or something.

StephDK said...

I dare someone to try pronouncing my switcharoo name (as you pointed out in category no. 4. I snorted when I read that! Maybe that's how it's pronounced?!