My Top 10 (plus) Movies

I like movies. I have, as most of you do, a Top 10 list of favorite movies. The best part of a Top 10 List of Movies is making it and I had a lot of fun. Here they are:

HolyJuan's Top 10 Movies (In no particular order except #1)

Royal Tennenbaums
Fight Club
Princess Bride
Die Hard
Big Fish
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Terminator 2
12 Monkeys

While making the Top 10 List, I realized that there were too many good movies so I created a back-up list in case any of the original Top 10 fell out of favor. They are the Supplementary Top 10 List:

Blade Runner
Time Bandits
Vision Quest
Adventures of Baron Muncheusen
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Terminator

While creating the Top 10 and Top 10: The Sequel list, I also started creating the WORST FUCKING MOVIES EVER. They are in no particular order except that they all suck balls:

Matrix 2
Matrix 3
Highlander 2
Indiana Jones 4
The Postman
Battlefield Earth
Batman and Robin
Indiana Jones 5
Indiana Jones 6
Indiana Jones 8

(I assume Indiana Jones 7 will actually be good after Lucas dies from having a pile of money fall on him before he can fuck up the script.)

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ShortyDesigners said...

you forgot ISHTAR!