Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos in Columbus, OH March 2010

Margot came into Columbus on Thursday and I was happy. I bought two tickets and conned Dustin into going. We met at Skully's for pre-concert drinks and walked down to Circus around 9:00pm.

When we walked into Circus, I thought that a group of Amish carpenters had been hired to build a stage, but it turned out that it was the opening band.

It was hard to tell where the band ended and the crowd began as many of the members poured off the stage and stood in front. Interestingly enough, Erik Kang of Margot was one of the band members off the stage.

The band turned out to be Super Desserts and they have a very interesting sound. I loved the female vocals and the strings blended quite nicely.

I suggest you check out this video of their song Funeral. As a future commenter will post, it will have you "at work today humming "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" all day.

The second band was Dolson. I was taken aback by their set. When I was doing some pre-concert research, I went to their MySpace page and listened to a few of their songs. They sounded pretty mellow. I can dig mellow. But when they came out, they rocked.

It was a pleasant surprise, as I wanted to wait until the main act to weep. Check out their site and give them a listen, but I highly recommend catching them live.

The next group up was the Four Douchebags. Not a musical group, but rather four fucks in leather jackets. The photos speak for themselves.

Luckily they moved on before Margot got on stage.

Margot rolled on stage and something was amiss. I noticed that Emily Watkins' carved keyboard was not on stage. My initial thought was that it was in the shop and this taped together hunk of junk was the loaner. No problem. Until the anti-Emily Watkins sat down behind the board and began to play.

Also missing was the un-missable Casey Tennis. I was sad. I secretly hoped they had bad sushi earlier in the day, but a fan standing next to us said that four of the original members had left the band.

Crap. It's sad because the show rocked. Richard Edwards is an excellent musician and I dig his lyrics and I love his music, but the guy oozes prick. No, his prick doesn't ooze; I can just tell that they guy is probably pretty hard to get a long with. He seems like he knows what his music is and that you should not try and tell him otherwise.

Other band members literally take a back seat to Edwards.

I will continue to follow Margot where ever Richard takes them. And now I'm left wondering what Emily is up to and what barbed wire stuffed animals Casey is sticking in his pants.


Dustin uses his iPhone to figure out what Britney Spears song was playing in between sets.

The Fourth Douchebag cannot afford a leather jacket.

Cryptic words on Edwards' guitar.

I assume the gaffers tape was covering up something.
HolyJuan and Dustin. The average of our ages was the second oldest person at this show.


Anonymous said...

Awww, I feel bad for the fourth douchebag. Loves me some Margot, though.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing more frustrating than knowing someone is a cocky asshole while simultaneously knowing that they're too talented for you not to like them. that said, i'm a Margot convert for sure, and am glad you documented the other bands' names since i couldn't remember them. and i think the name of our touring ukulele duo should be the Four Douchebags.

Magic 8 Ball Boobs said...

I am a new transplant to Westerville and have no idea how to fnd out who is playing where here. I love Margot and the nuclear so and so's and I would have gone had I known they were here. :(

HolyJuan said...

Hey M8BB,

Your main sources for info on the Columbus scene should be The Other Paper ( and The Columbus Underground (

Also, suck it up and get on Twitter. Follow CD101 as well as the two sites I mentioned up there. Then follow the people they follow.

Oh, and tell your friends what a great site is.

Magic 8 Ball Boobs said...

I happen to be on twitter but I tend to forget that it exists. I guess I will need to suck it up and follow their asses.

Thanks for the links, keep up the good blogging.

tegulevi said...

the fourth douchebag is the picture of envy

Anonymous said...

Hi HolyJuan, my name's Joe, I was standing next to you at the Margot show. I gave you a cigarette. I came across your blog looking up info on Super Desserts. I was at work today humming "Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" from their song Funeral. lol My girlfriend and I are a little disappointed in your blog... where is the picture of McLovin?!??!!?

HolyJuan said...

I would like to point out that the above comment is COMPLETELY FAKE. First of all, as a non-smoker, I would never smoke cigarettes while drunk at a concert. (I believe it was a menthol, which is medicinal and not considered a cigarette.)

Secondly, this McLovin concept sounds like something we discussed, again, while I was intoxicated. Therefore, unless you explain yourself further, I am going to have to claim ignorance. (Really, I racked my brain and cannot remember discussing McLovin. Was he in one of the bands or the fifth member of the Four Douchebags?)

Let me know and thanks for being disappointed. At least you made it to the end of the article. Most quit after the Amish reference.