Census Letter

Did you get the Census letter about the pamphlet about the postcard?

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My PSA for the day:

"The advance letter helps people know that their 2010 Census form will be arriving soon," said Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves. "It's an important reminder about the impact the census has on our communities, that the census is important and that everyone needs to participate."

The Census Bureau says its research shows that reaching out to respondents with an advance letter and reminder postcard if necessary can boost census mail-back rates and save money.

According to Census statistics, for every one percent increase in households that respond by mail, it says taxpayers save about $85 million in operational costs associated with Census takers going door to door to follow up with households that did not mail back the form. (wsyr.com)

This explanation is better (though this one is really Jon Stewart's PSA): http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-march-18-2010/gary-locke-pt--2

I was an enumerator (peeps that actually knock on doors (and were asked questions like "Are you from the Fedral Govment?!?" by guys with shotguns in their hands)) in 2000 so I've got some, you know...'skin in the game' on this topic.