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sedgehurst said...

Dear HolyJuan,
As a former military member now back in the 'real world', I'd like your take on how much to focus on my military experience both in professional and social life.
That is to say, today we are clearly somewhere between WWII (welcome home heroes!) and Vietnam (babykillers!), and I'd like your personal guage on where we sit as to whether I should highlight or ditch the military pedigree on my resume, and whether to ask women to drop and give me twenty in the Ultralounge.
Thanks so much,


HolyJuan said...

I'll take that! Send me your google e-mail to and I'll send one your way.

Anonymous said...

Where do babies come from?


Anonymous said...

What is a Google Wave invite & why would I want one?

Matt Carter said...

Is everything in the universe expanding, and if so by how much each day?