The Intern Does Exactly What He Is Told

The Intern is long gone, but his legacy lives on.

We have a cupboard full of samples and someone sorted them out into several, unlabeled Tupperware bins. I thought this would be a wonderful activity for the intern to sift through the boxes and summarize what was in them on labels.

This is exactly what I told him to do, "Look in each bin and figure out what the samples are. Then label the bins on the top, front and back with the contents."

And this is what he did.

I think he did exactly what he was told.


Anonymous said...

An American tourist wanting to book a hotel room in Ireland was offered the choice of a room with a shower or a room with a bath. 'What's the difference?' asked the American. 'You stand up in one, and you sit down in the other' was the - correct - answer he got.

Matt Carter said...

That's the trouble with young people today! They show no initiative. In my day I would have neatened up the contents and taken some time to make a professional-looking label, maybe with a decorative border or some such embellishment.