Ten Interesting Cell Phone Facts You Probably Didn't Know

1. The most common texted word is not a word, but rather the letter “r”.

2. Most cell phones contain about $9 of gold in the circuitry. $ .02 if you go through Cash4Gold.

3. The scientific name for phantom cell phone ring vibration is “lexdosia.”

4. 2 is the most used cell phone number for texting. 0 is the least.

5. If you think your cell phone volume is lowering over time, check the holes that cover the speaker. Most phones have almost a full ounce of ear wax and dirt build up. Soak phone overnight in warm water to ensure that the wax buildup isn’t your biggest problem anymore.

6. Cell phone antennas went obsolete when the cell providers switched from an AM frequency to an FM frequency.

7. Cell phone companies spent about 4 million dollars in the 1980s to develop three additional musical notes so that each number would have its own unique sound.

8. 37% of all photos that men send via cell phone are of poop that they send to their buddies.

9. 85% of cell phone users liked their previous cell phone better.

10. Whatever you do, do not call this number: 614-429-4365.


sedgehurst said...

I know a guy who routinely uses shorthand '4', 'r', 'u', 'wut', etc. Which would not be unusual except that his message also includes vocabulary like 'fundamentally', 'irregardless', 'tautological', etc. These important words, of course, he spells out in their entirety.

LOL, wut?

mel+jb123 said...

those r really kool facts !!!!:)