My Reddit Secret Santa Gifts!

If you are not aware of Reddit, you should be. Reddit has a Secret Santa gift exchange where strangers exchange gifts in the spirit of the season.

My gift arrived today! Keegan brought it to my desk and he helped take photos for the unboxing.

It's here!

Keegan let me borrow his knife

Brown paper! Just what I always wanted!

A wrapped box. And the color of the wrapping paper matches my eyes exactly!

OK, not exactly.

More boxes inside the first box.

First up, a bottle of Tentacle Grape soda.

Next is a moustache mug from Modern Madness.

I've finally made it to puberty!

Bacon Flavored Popcorn! What will those crazy scientists think of next?

Extremely cool! A 30th anniversary Pac-Man Moleskine!!

And finally, Jack Daniels and Kahlua Coffees!

My Secret Santa, who chose to remain secret, did such a great job picking out gifts for me. I think my favorite is the Pac-Man Moleskine. Here are some close-ups.

Here's everything together.

Thanks Secret Santa! I hope you got some good stuff, too!


Anonymous said...

Who's the skinny guy in the plaid shirt?

HolyJuan said...

You are seeing the reflection of Keegan off of my greasy forehead.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad it arrived promptly and intact, haha. I was pretty nervous about the glassware.

Happy holidays!