Sarah and Josh's Reception: The Photo Booth

Sarah and Josh had their wedding reception this past Saturday. We all had a lot of fun and people we amazed to meet my wife.

Sarah and Josh decided to rent a photo booth for the evening so that guests could take photos of themselves and then put them into a scrapbook. To help advertise the booth, Sarah had our friend Meshell designed a poster:

As I am completely unobservant, it took me about an hour to figure out that the characters on the poster were actually caricatures.

Now, can you find me?

Yes, that's me. Passed out in the booth, probably forty-five minutes into the event.

Just for reference, here's Miss Sally and I:

I won't show you the Acton photos.


Conny said...

I don't see the tell-tale drool of a drunken stupor. Are you sure it's supposed to be you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she forgot to surround you with 35 nearly full beers. I suppose the fact that noone else is in the picture is a a reference to you leaving without telling anyone... bastard.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE share the Acton photos. I beg you, PLEASE.

Unknown said...

unless you are really wanting to see acton's hairy butt i would reconsider that request.