Calendar by BƎCK featuring Fake Dispatch

I write a Twitter account called Fake Dispatch. And there's a cartoonist named BƎCK that will take Tweets and turn them into cartoons/comics. You can see some of his work at this link: . I think he's used about four of my Tweets to make cartoons.

A few weeks ago, BƎCK shared with me that one of my Tweets made his 2014 calendar. He then asked for my address and shipped me a copy for free! Click on any photo to embiggen.
Envelope front and back

The contents! Very nicely wrapped calendar with a postcard

Postcard back
Pink post-it with a message
Front of the calendar
I got to be January! 

Names of all the Tweeters who were in the calendar.

 It was an honor to be included in the calendar and I appreciate BƎCK sending me a copy. I assume the shipping was more than the calendar and so from the dark recesses of my heart I say to you, thanks!

You can check out the calendar and the other months here: You should buy one of these so that BƎCK can continue to make more calendars and ship them to me.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Thank you. For those who are worried, I made up a second store that sells in USD only ;-)