Helpful Cooking Hints With HolyJuan: Butter

Butter is in every single recipe. If it is not in a recipe you are using, you are cooking incorrectly. Here's a simple trick I learned.

When using butter, they usually ask that you measure out the butter in tablespoons. Instead of getting out a an actual tablespoon and making a mess, use the stick of butter measuring lines.  I'm making mac and cheese and need 4 tablespoons of butter.

FIRST: Get out your stick of butter and notice the marked lines.

SECOND: Cut the lines until you get to the 4 TBSP mark.

THIRD: We only need the 4 TBSP, so throw out the other chunks.

FOURTH: Put the 4 TBSP in the recipe. Done and done!

Look for more Cooking with HolyJuan tips in the future!


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too much!!! Still laughing!

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Nooooo! That coffee was for my belly, not for my screen! :)

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