The Cadpeepunny

Yesterday on Fake_Dispatch, I came up with an Easter idea so surgarly horrific that diabetics worldwide all simultaneousness wept when I posted the idea.

Miss Sally was at Target and I asked her to pick up the Cadpeepunny ingredients. She said they were all out of Cadbury Eggs. I said forget it and I forgot it.

This morning I went to do some shopping at Krogers. Because of Ohio's Blue Laws, I had to wait ten minutes until 10:00am to buy the wine for our Easter dinner at Grandma Susie's. While I was waiting, I roamed the isles and came upon their empty shelves of Easter candy. Not so empty that they didn't have mini Cadbury Eggs, Peeps and a hollow chocolate bunny.

Tonight I went to work.

I unwrapped the eggs.

Prepped the Peep Bunny.

Unkindly shoved the egg in.

Here is my very poor attempt and stuffing a peep with egg. He looks very pregnant.

Here's the bunny.

Cut off the bottom with a hot knife.

Stuffed it with pregnant bunny goodness.

And sealed the bottom back on.

Miss Sally reluctantly took photos of me taking a bite knowing that it would be hard for her to hold the camera AND inject me with insulin.

Delicious! I hope to make a billion dollars marketing these so that I can pay up all the money I will owe in legal bills to Cadbury and for liposuction.

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Julie said...

I am (deepbreath) making a turducken for Thanksgiving this year. As it is going to a reallybigdeal, I'm inviting everyone. You should bring your family.