Leah Lou

Billy invited us up to Cleveland to go see a few bands at the Beachland Ballroom. Billy has very good taste in music and has yet to let us down. While we actually went to see the headliner, Marc Broussard, I was much more intrigued by the opener Leah Lou.

WARNING! You will either dig this chick's music or not. I like her. If you do not, you obviously have crappy taste in music.

Check her out at http://www.myspace.com/leahlou12.

And while I am not a starfucker, the opportunity did arise and I got a photo with my new girlfriend.


Bill said...

It wasn't that you more intrigued by Leah Lou, it's just that you were awake for her show!

HolyJuan said...

Let's look at the damage from that night:

1/2 bottle of wine
2 glasses of Lara's Pom Potion
1 beer at Billy's
2 beers at Beachland Ballroom
and the frosting on the cake
1 shot of tequila

I was lucky to be standing.