My Only Andyman Story

It seems like everyone has two or three stories about Andyman from CD101. He was everywhere Columbus and people gravitated towards his exuberantly friendly personality.

I only have one Andyman story.

A few months ago, my buddy Russ and I ended up at the My Morning Jacket concert. Towards the end of the show, I walked off to use the bathroom. The line was only a few dudes out the door and I saddled up. I could sense people lining up behind me and that became obvious when the guy behind me starts talking to the guy behind him. When I turned to look, I could tell it was Andyman. I had not seen any photos of him recently and I missed the part where he dropped 200 lbs. I said, "Hey, it's Andyman!" Without missing a beat, he proceeded to tell me a story as we all shuffled forward into the bathroom. He said that years and years ago, he was standing in line for a bathroom with one of his crazy buddies at a concert. His buddy couldn't wait any longer so he just started pissing in the bathroom all over the concrete floors and on dudes' shoes. All the time he was telling this story, he was laughing and his laughing caught me doing the same. The best part of this was that we were using urinals that were separated by three or four guys and he just yelled over the top of them to finish the story.

I assume that every hour of his life was like that. No, not the pissing on shoes part. The openness. The stories. The contagious laughter.

Here's a tribute video from one of his co-workers at CD101.


Anonymous said...

a lot of people have been saying a lot of things about andyman lately...this story is the best i've read because it is as heartfelt and genuine as he was. thanks for sharing!

danger said...

Holy Juan,

My buddy Chris and I were talking this morning about the pee incident as we were with Andy at the time. We have all laughed so much over the incident for the last 20 odd years. I started to tell the story with a group of our friends a few nights a go and they finished the story. Thanks so much for sharing. You truly captured the essence of my great pal.