Andyman has Died

News spread quickly this eventing in Columbus that Andyman had passed away. Here is the news from the CD101 website:

"It is with much sadness that CD101 announces the passing of John Andrew “Andyman” Davis – programming director and beloved dee jay at CD101. Andy was vacationing with his family in Michigan and tragically drown on Saturday evening. Andy is survived by his wife, Molly, and their three sons Johnny, Oliver, and Sammy.

Andyman Davis started at CD101 in June of 1991 as on on-air personality and became CD101’s Programming Director in 1998. Andyman was the voice of CD101’s afternoon drive program and was voted Columbus’ favorite DJ on numerous occasions.

No further details regarding Andyman’s memorial services are available at this time but information will be announced as it is made available."

On Friday afternoon's, Andyman would do a bit called, "Taking Calls" where he would answer the phones and let people say whatever they wanted for a few seconds. At the end of the bit, he would play the Beer Song by Asylum Street Spankers. My kids sing the "beer, beer, beer, beer, we love beer" part.

You will be missed, Andyman, and never replaced.

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Unknown said...

the staff of the alternative rock DJ just months after launch. It became the EP in 1998. He had been known in the market for their annual “Andyman-a-thon“, broadcast for 48 hours CD101