A Drink with Allen

There is nothing more fun than a drink with Allen
Except two drinks with Allen
Of course three drinks is marvelous
And the fourth is only the prequel to the next drink
The fifth drink is the next drink and then there's the sequel
The sequel is the seventh drink and that's because there was a surprise ending where the sixth drink was kidnapped by my liver!
And then it's one in the morning and time to say goodbye
So then there's the last drink
And the last last drink
And the just kidding this is the last drink

And then I wake up and it's 11:45am and I have to be in Mansfield in 15 minutes.

Good god there is nothing more fun than a drink with Allen.


Unknown said...

Good times, always good times ;)

HolyJuan said...

What's funny is that I wrote this before we went out and most of it was spot on.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Allen drank.

HolyJuan said...

You are thinking of Alan. He doesn't drink.

Allan will have an occasional drink on holidays.

Alen drinks only beer.

AilĂ­n only drinks mead.

But, to answer your question, Allen will have the occasional drink and sometimes it is with me.

Anonymous said...

Ablin is the one to watch out for. He's helluva trouble when he drinks.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry. I thought you said a drink with alien, which is indeed fun - at least until said alien tries to eat your brain.

Marvin the Martian's liver
52 miles west of Venus