Scams, Natural General Health Remedies, snake oil and other lies

Hello to all the folks out there looking for information on scams or “Natural General Health Remedies” or snake oil or mynaturalremediesnow or placebos or my natural remedies now.

You see, while nature holds many medical mysteries and secrets, it takes years of scientific research to determine if a substance is helpful to humans. Many products out on the market today work off peoples’ fears and hopes for a quick cure. These natural products or homeopathic cures are complete bunk. If you think a glass of water can hold the memory of some poison and then build up your resistance, then I have a bridge made of iocane powder I’d like to sell you.

Here is a list of words:
Natural General Health Remedies
Natural General Health Remedies
Snake oil
Natural General Health Remedies
Natural General Health Remedies

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