How to cut a sandwich

There are many ways to cut a sandwich. Here's several styles by different kinds of parents:

In Half

In Half Triangles

The Bitchy Kid Cut

Stock Broker's Kid

Bear Market Stock Broker's Kid

NRA Member

Lazy Parent

Really Lazy Parent

Emo Kid

My Kid's


Holland Rhodes said...

You forgot the hungry parent. Who takes a few bites then gives it to their kid.

Anonymous said...

What sandwich? You mean there was something else other than a slug of booze, some pills and a pack of smokes. This is all so new to me. I'm shocked....

Kristen said...

I guess I was the bitchy kid.

robb said...

LOL emo kid.
and the best cut goes to bitchy kid.

Yothies said...

The Sandwich would cut itself if Chuck Norris was their dad.