Editorial Fail

I'm pissed.

Some intern from Texas wrote an editorial in our local paper about how Ohio sucks and how great Texas is. I know Ohio sucks, but you can't come marching into my town and shit in my coffee. So I decided to write a letter to this jerk and let him know how I feel. I made the letter really nice!

Nice, right? Almost makes you feel warm inside.

That would be all well and good, except the secret to Ohio pride is that I inserted a secret message as to how I really feel about this guy. The problem is that the editorial staff decided to edit my letter, just slightly to make it fit their format, which ruined my message. Check out the first letter of each sentence. Here's a cheat:

It spells out: TOUCHEBAI

They changed my first letter D (from Dear into To) and they changed the last sentence from a G (I started it out "Good Luck").


That's the secret to Ohio pride, asshole. Don't come up here to go to my school and then dump on my state, douchebag. I mean, touchebai.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Holyjuan. Your little code was so easy to break! I change the letters on purpose! Unfortunately, you little Ohio mind is too weak to understand the subtely behind my brilliance. Look closer and you'll see that table has been turned! Instead of being the "douche bag" of your joke, the letters now read "touche bai". "Bai" is a slang term for whore in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. God you folks from Ohio are stupid!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha (I'm laughing menacingly if you couldn't figure it out) Go Texas!!!!

- Aaron