I sometimes pretend that I am a writer. Thoughts fall out of my head, the keyboard clacks and some of these ponderings actually make it into somewhat legible sentences for you to read. But that doesn’t make me a writer. It makes me a blogger. Anyone (and most everyone) is a blogger. To be a writer, you have to get published.

I am now a writer.

Last month, I got an e-mail from Brian Egeston, Editor-in-Chief at Barbershop Digest. BD is a publication that is directed towards barbershop patrons in the Atlanta area. Usually these patrons are black. He said he liked my story about my trip to a local black barbershop and that he wanted to publish my article. I won’t go into the amount of money he offered me to print the piece, but let’s just say it was more than I have even been offered in the past for an article.

I agreed to let him print the story, sent him a headshot and waited patiently for the month to pass.

And now it has passed.

That is not me walking in the barbershop in the photo above, though it almost fooled me.

So please, head over to Barbershop Digest and once there, click on the magazine on the left hand side for the PDF of the September 2008 issue. Of course you should read my article, but also read some of the other offerings. I especially liked "The Pimps vs The Preachers" feature article. Oh... and the little boy getting his hair cut for the first time is very cute.

Thanks for reading everyone. I couldn't have done it without you.

HolyJuan (pimp)* (*Official pimp status not confirmed.)

{EDITOR'S NOTE - I think we killed BD's bandwidth. The link to the PDF does not work anymore. Here's a photo of the article.}


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, dude, you're going to have a book deal and TV show....and we can all say we "knew you when."


HolyJuan said...

Someday I hope to be famous so that I can afford some "Breast Art."

Anonymous said... are too sweet.

Rach said...

congrats on the published article. =) do let us know when your tv deal falls through.

more jesus comics!

Angel Surdin said...

hey, that's awesome! congratulations:)

Holland Rhodes said...

Congrats. When I started reading I must admit I hoped you were going to say your childrens' book was published. I hope it is someday.

A Very Bad Man said...


I bet you think you're pretty hot stuff now.

But c'mon, man, you've sold out to the establishment.

Taking money for art is so bourgeois. Well, just calm down, because if there's any justice in this world David Hasselhoff will land the lead role in your sitcom, and it will only last a half season. It will get canceled when embarrassing photos surface of you staying sober in a strip club.

I'm just so damn jealous, and I don't even know you. I want some of that there Breast Art, too!

Deep breaths . . . Deep breaths.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, man! I just read that other post you linked to. LOVE IT! That is awesome!!!

StephDK said...

That's awesome Ratman! I totally understand the giddiness you experienced when you found out you were being published! Great feeling, huh?! or is it !? I'll have to re-read that post for clarification

Anonymous said...


I'll check and see if Great Clips has that issue.

Anonymous said...

I thought you got your hair cut at the Cutting Corral.