Tonight, my five year old Greg mentioned that his friend Bob had eaten Chinese food. I told Greg that we could try Chinese food sometime if he was curious what it tasted like.

A few minutes later Greg said, “I want to try and eat ducklings.”


“Yeah. Ducklings.”

My mind raced. Bob is a mix of Korean and Filipino. I didn’t know if duckling was a traditional dish in his family or if they had eaten and some very authentic Chinese restaurant that only Koreans and Filipinos know about. I then thought about the fermented duck eggs that are a delicacy to some and vomit inducing to others.

I decided to be as delicate and politically correct about the issue as possible and share with Greg that sometimes some people eat food that is very different and that…

Greg then added, “Bob said he ate ducklings with chopsticks.”

I though for a half second.

“You mean Dumplings?”

“Yeah. Dumplings. With crabs in them.”

“Yes. We can try dumplings.”

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Rach said...

mmmm dumplings... yum!

might want to try xiao long bao. as J puts it, bitesize heaven.