Insight Communications Deceptive Envelope

My friend Keegan shared with me a few weeks ago about a deceptive envelope he received from Insight Communications on the same day he received a letter from the IRS concerning his Economic Stimulus Payment.

Here are the letters side by side:

Which is which?

Here is the Insight Communications letter with call outs:

Real "detach along perforation" strips, too! I hope that cost them extra.

When the Insight Communications letter was opened, it revealed some bullshit advertisement for saving $575 on a bundled cable/internet/phone package.

Though no old ladies are going to get scammed from this advertisement, I am against anything that is so obviously misleading. There was an obvious attempt to make consumers think that this envelope contained IRS information and it's unfortunate that they would think that any consumer would be dumb enough to be fooled once the letter was un-perforated along the edges and opened.

Keegan, though, was not so fortunate and signed up for the cable deal, thinking that it was required to receive his stimulus check. He now has HBO, HBO1, HBO2, HBO beta and HBOh Shit.

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Anonymous said...

in fact he was hoping for HBO's new specialized channel HTL (hemp, transformers, and lightning)