Erik Eats: That of Which Mulch is Made with of Drink Tea and Soy

This week’s Erik Eats segment involves the consumption of a vegetarian product that is purported to replicate one of the greatest meat products of all time. Can Cha Do stand up to the challenge and can it satisfy Erik’s craving for beef jerky?

Here is the bag of Cha Do, Veggie Jerky. Made by the Companion Company.

The Companion Company was very brave to create a clear front so that we could look inside and see the mulchiness that calls the bag interior its home.

Let’s check out the packaging:

What’s this? Cha Do is a Tea Time Snack? This setting won’t do. Let’s take this party up a social notch.

Much better! Let's continue the packaging inspection.

Hot and Spicy! Just like Erik.


On the back, I find that the bar code has been covered over by a bar code sticker.

The bar code underneath came from a lawn and garden company. I assume that is where they got their mulch based soy.

There was a very nice message on the back from the manufacturer and some Chinese letters underneath.

Let’s get Arata Isozaki to translate this mess:

Well… let’s not tell Erik this. Next! Into the package!


Here’s a close up of the product.

Very mulchy.

And stringy.

Erik eats…

He likes it! He says it compares NOTHING to beef jerky, but that it is tasty and very edible.

We also found this in the pack.

The blue packet must be delicious so we give it to Josh to eat.

On the way to the emergency room, Josh said it was crunchy and delicious.

Next week: Potted Plant of which grows from the back orifice of Erik


Sleepy Scott said...

I knew it! Erik's evil causes him to be impervious to this taste testing. Josh paid the price this time. Next time it might be you, HolyJuan.

Anonymous said...

I see from the packaging that the product is composed of 4oz of veggie jerky and 2oz of konjac fiber slices. Any review of the konjac fiber slices or are they an integral part of the jerky?

Eric Lester said...

One of my former bosses liked to tell a story about a guy who discovered one of those things labeled "Do Not Eat" when he was unpacking some equipment. According to Don, the poor guy starved to death.