Hillary's Math


Anonymous said...

Even if Hillary cannot, then John McCain can certainly defeat Barack Obama. Obama’s weakness has nothing to do with his race, his liberalism, or his inexperience.

The Greeks had a term for it: hamartia. The one flaw — different in every man — that makes him imperfect, vulnerable and gives his adversaries, if they discover it, the ability to bring him down. Achilles’ was his heel. Obama’s is his political glass jaw.

The supposedly-brilliant Democratic wunderkind can’t take a punch. Like a Hollywood actor, he’s only comfortable, quick and charismatic as long as the crowd is oohing and ahhing. But the moment that he is challenged — as we first saw in his presser after he lost the Ohio primary in March and again last week in the ABC debate — the mask shatters. What we see is what we would get with an Obama presidency: a man whose range is so small and ego so huge and fragile that when taken out of his comfort zone, he not only fails to shine, he barely is able to speak.


HolyJuan said...

Oh Christ.. it's on of you! Begone!

Take your Michigan votes and run away!

Face it... you lost. Bad planning. Bad strategy. Bad campaign.

The best team doesn't always win... but in this case, it will.

OBAMA 2008.... suckas.

Lee said...

Silly business.
Hillary would run the country like she ran her campaign angry, divided and heavily in debt. If she can't manage a political campaign how could she run anything bigger? Maybe her experience with her failed healthcare, failed bar exam in DC, failed marriage, etc could help her? I think not. Especially when her main strategy is lying her heart out.

Also, the republicans know she's much much easier to beat than Obama look at Limbaugh and the ads they are running in NC.

The race is over. Hillary didn't get her 20% and she needs to drop out now before she screws over the party even worse.

Anonymous said...

HolyJuan, you posted on my blog: "Yawn… see you in Denver. I’ll recognize you as the one with the tail betwixt the legs."

1) You might see me in Denver, but we will both not be in the White House if Barack is the nominee.

2) The "yawn" is clearly a deflection from wanting to discuss any assessment of whether we can win the White House with Obama.

HolyJuan said...

Yeah, Clitonista, I did post that...

1. Quit yer bitchin'. Obama will take the White House.

2. Deflect? Boo hoo. When you have Rush on your side, who needs enemies?

You should have won six months ago. Too bad that she showed her hand early. Bad planning. Bad execution. Just bad overall. Maybe she can run in 2016. She'll be McCain's age by then.

Hillary 2016!!

Anonymous said...

Hillary back out! Are you crazy?! She needs to fight it all the way! If you include Michigan and Florida she has more of the popular vote! She needs to continue pressing Obama, keep up the attack ads, and probe every nook and cranny she can find to dig up dirt on Obama.

That way, McCain simply needs to sit back and take notes. The Democrats are doing his job for him. The longer the clash goes on between Hillary and Obama, the better is if for us. Please, by all means, keep up the party in-fighting!

McCain 2008 baby!