I’m still trying to decide if I got the letter “i” the word “I” or the Roman numeral one.

Rob from www.cockeyed.com. is giving out link opportunities that are connected to a story in which every single word in the story is linked elsewhere. A very interesting idea. It might be a complete flop, but he thought of it and you’ve got to give the guy credit for that.

I got “I.”

As a bonus, he is auctioning off several words on e-bay. I bid on "sucks" but got immediately outbid. I’ll wait to the very end to snipe my word. If I do win, I’ll link it to the You Suck, Joe Show story.

You can read about it here on The Very Well Linked Story.

I chose the letter “I” because I am a day late and had to pick from the leftover “I”s the “am”s and the “of”s.

Since this is the letter “I” and I am all about me, I will dedicate this page to Doug.

Here are some things you do not know about Doug. Or things you do know about Doug and are afraid to share with your friends:

I have broken my arm twice.
I lost my virginity at 19.
I like going to Outland.
I have been friends with Russ since kindergarten.
I currently have tweleve secret crushes.
I have a list of three famous people I am allowed to sleep if I get the opportunity. They are: Christina Ricci, Leelee Sobieski and Melissa Joan Hart. (I just have to call home first.)
I have had one major concussion, one minor concussion and one major concussion.
I have broken several chairs in my lifetime.
I cannot say the word Woolworths.

Here’s to I!

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