British Christmas Card

A few years ago, Sally's good friend Dana was dating a British guy. We piled on the standard British jokes. She took it all in stride. That Christmas (before she dumped the bloke) she sent us this card (I cut and pasted the inside on to the bottom of the outside.)

As a bonus, here is Dana and me at a Holloween party a few months before the Christmas card. We were putting Rolos on our teeth and talking in British accents.

As a Super Bonus, here is Miss Sally wearing the Superman costume that I wore this year (with Super Extra Bonus Top and Bottom Comparison) That is also John as The Hulk.


StephDK said...

So THAT'S what Superman would look like if he were old, blonde & drank too much beer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Juan... Kill here...
I wish you a merry xmas and thanks for the chuckle you have given me for xmas.

I think I may be moving to Chicago soon, job relocation.

I just sent my wife and daughter back to Russia today, they should be back in 6 months.

I would love to truck over to Ohio and buy you a brew.

Merry Xmas!!!