You might have asked yourself, "What would Superman look like if he just gave up on life?"

A little like this. (The Superman on the right.)

I do not think I will ever live this costume down. I'm also waiting to see the photos that were taken of me after I passed out in Shorty's spare bedroom.


RickySilk said...


You've been captionated!

I stole your headline for the first caption.

Anonymous said...

Why did Surlyman have to hurl in Shorty's closet?

Why can't Surlyman behave?

Is there no one who can control him!

HolyJuan said...

Wait... did I hurl in the closet? That must be one of my secret powers that is still secret.

Anonymous said...


I misrepresented the facts.

After talking with Surlyman, I hurled in Short's closet.

Surlyman still caused the hurl.