The Power of Doug

You may recall my story about Stephanie and the Witch and how we went out one night and threw smoke bombs in cars and such. (In the photo above, the Witch is on the left, Steph is on the right.)

It seems that through the power of my writing that the two of them decided to cast aside their differences and get together in Denver. Stephanie flew in from Washington and the witch hitchhiked in from northern Colorado.

Click here to see the photos. They met at a really cool bar called The Cruise Room that was modeled after a lounge on the Queen Elizabeth. Steph took me here once and forced me to drink dirty Martinis.

The girls will deny it was a spontaneous visit, but I know that it was the power of my storytelling that brought the two together again.

They will also deny that they got hammered and went streaking past 1082 Broadway (now Club Vinyl) singing Nine Inch Nails songs at the tops of their lungs. Good times.


StephDK said...

I will admit to tossing smoke bombs, breaking into your house & making you scream like a girl, training rats to play b-ball & daring you to do a "mat shot", but never have I streaked. I did *dance* w/her to that infamous NIN song on several occassions tho. You & your crazy imagination. One too many mat shots!

wangmont said...

The witch is hot, Doug. Did you fuck her?

HolyJuan said...

No. She wouldn't have me. Neither would Steph. Thought Steph had a sister who had a friend who used the "I've never done this before" line before blowing me in my car.

Does that count?

StephDK said...

say what?! who was that?