Half right

Tanya and John are in town with their little girl Elle. She is a real cutie.

Miss Sally keeps predicting that she is having a boy. We both would like a girl to complete the set.

It seems that 95% of the people that want to talk about the sex of our upcoming child have some secret knowledge into what the sex of our child will be. Here are the criteria that these child sex experts have brought up:

How low the baby is
If the belly button is in or out
If the mother's butt got fat
If the mother is craving meat
If the mother is craving sweets
If the mother has let a metal object swing above her wrist and if it circles or swings back and forth.
If the belly is sticking out or rounded


OK, that's as far with that post as I got. Before I could finish, we had the breaking of water and so on and so forth.

As you know, we had a girl. And as predicted, 50% of the people who guessed were incorrect.

I've always loved the statistic that 50% of American women are below average while half of all American men are above average.

It's good to be half right, 50% of the time. It's better to be half wrong, 100% of the time.

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HolyJuan said...

Did you notice how I slipped the phrase "child sex experts" right past you?