Baby Ann

Baby Ann Marie was born August 27th at 6:10pm. Five pounds, seven ounces. Nineteen inches long.

Baby and Miss Sally are doing very, very well.

Here are some photos on FLICKR


Anonymous said...


Ricky said...

Great news. Little girls are very sweet but also have a lot of attitude.

Anonymous said...

I decided to catch up on your blog tonight - what a fun surprise. Congratulations! So cute!
PS - Random blog about Gashaun Reter...but it still got me a job! Thanks for hiring me second.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful....As is Greg.

Mrs. K said...

This is fantastic news! Are you handing out cubaaaan cigaaaaars?

lin-z said...

That is perfect. She's absolutely gorgeous and greg looks thrilled. Congrats. Big Hugs. xoxo Z

Tracie said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Ann Marie!!!