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Target: Expect Less. Pay More.

I was just at Target to pick up some toothpaste and Coke. The first display I saw was 12 - 12oz cans of Coke for $3.33. The big red numbers really attracted my attention!

On my way to the check out, I noticed that there were other Cokes for sale, but at a higher price of $3.99. I took a closer look and found out why they cost more: there were 8 - 8oz. cans instead.

I'm not sure what you do with an 8oz Coke, besides drink two of them, but it seems a bit off base to sell them at three times what the twelve ounce Cokes cost. I decided to update the Target tagline in this photo to reflect the pricing.

There is a moral to this story. Being the smug, self centered jerk that I am, I actually did not buy either of these two items and instead opted for the cheaper 2 liter bottle of Coke for $1.69 because 2-liters are always cheaper than the canned stuff.

12 -12oz cans @ 3.33 = .023 per ounce
8 - 8oz cans @ 3.99 = .062 per ounce
1 - 2 liter @ 1.69 = .025 per ounce

I should have bought the 12 oz cans!