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Goodbye Kroger Personal Finance

I fucked up. In my last online payment last month, I paid my Kroger Credit for the future date of 12/30/09 instead of 11/30/09. When the paper bill came in the mail, I noticed that there was a late fee of $39.00. I knew I paid the bill so I went through my documentation, saw the error I made and called them up to see if I could get it fixed seeing as I have been a good boy and haven't had a late payment in about four years.

The person I spoke to was nice enough and when I gave her the story she ran off to talk to her supervisor about crediting the late fee. She came back and offered me a one time credit, which I was hoping for. I agreed and she began typing.

Then she said, "Oh, you have a promotional balance transfer."

Six months ago, Kroger had a 3.99% forever transfer deal. I ate that up and shifted some debt from another card on to our empty Kroger Card.

"Why does it matter if we have a promotional balance transfer."

She eeked, "Because that rate might be raised." I didn't ask to what, but I assume it is the default 23432.99%. So I calmly replied, "No. I don't want the higher rate." She said, "No one customer wants the higher rate." Then I replied, then don't raise it." She explained, "I cannot do anything about the rate." Then I gave her the, "Let me talk to your boss." She said, "My boss will not be able to do anything about it." And then I explained using a method I call shouting, "Let me talk to your boss."

She was gone for 2 -3 minutes and then came back on to introduce me to her boss.

Boss said that the rate might go up. I said make it not go up. She said she could do nothing. I said, "Yes you can." She said no.

I canceled the card.

Now I'm wondering where in the paperwork it says that canceling the card means giving up my house and kids.

I would also like to take the time to express that @OSUFanMike is a douche bag.