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The Shot

Jen and Robert's wedding was great yesterday. It was wonderful catching up with old friends.

Many drinks were consumed and after we were "asked" to leave the reception, the seven of us walked over to The Tip Top. Some of us ordered drinks. Some of us drank water. One of the water drinkers, who we will call "Mr. G", grew quiet. Then, he quietly walked off behind a planter and reduced the load of wine and cookies in his belly.

Mr. G returned to the table as if nothing had happened.

A few minutes later, Mr. G wandered off again to the delight of everyone on that patio. We couldn't see Mr. G as he had wandered off down the street a good ways, but we knew when he was puking because the crowd down at the other end would release a "whoa!" every time he puked. They said "whoa!" about five times.

Mr. G returned and was very proud that he didn't get his tie dirty.

Ten minutes later, one of the people on the patio that had been yelling "whoa!" showed up at our table with a present for Mr. G.

It was a shot with a lemon on the side. I assumed it was tequila.

Holy shit we laughed. Mr. G took the shot from the dude and was very polite at trying to turn it down. The guy was insistent that Mr. G try the shot. For a split second, we thought he was about to take it. Then he set it down on the table and didn't touch it again.

A few scientific tests later we discovered it was just water with a lemon.

Whoever you are, Shot Guy, thank you for the laugh.

And thank you Mr. G for being a good sport.

Congratulations Jen and Robert!

Shot in the ass

I have strep again for the second time in two weeks.

The first time I was prescribed the antibiotic penicillin. I was confused at the pharmacist's counter when she showed me the pills, because for the past five years, I've only seen antibiotics in liquid form with fruity flavorings. I couldn't remember the last time I had penicillin in pill form.

I did my ten days, three pills a day and life was good.

Friday I woke up with a sore throat and today I got swabbed and affirmed. Strep again.

This time, I got a shot of penicillin with a prescription chaser. The shot was in my butt. I've never had a shot in my ass, but it was just like on TV sitcoms. The nurse was pretty. I had to drop my pants. I was bent over a table. I had to lift the shot side leg and reposition it to take the weight off. Rubbing alcohol was liberally rubbed on. She slid a few fingers in my anus to relax my gluteus maximus. Then I got the shot. Band-aid was applied and I was out the door.

I hope it works this time. But for some aching reason, I want to go back to the doctor's office.