No More Snow in 2009 for Columbus, OH

Central Ohio got hit by a nice sized snow and ice storm at the end of January. Schools were closed and everybody curled up in front of the fires for two days. A few days later, the local newscasters were discussing some computerized forecast outlooks that were calling for two feet of snow. The only issue was that these forecasts were ten days out. I don’t know a whole lot about weather, but I do know that even the best forecaster is only good on his/her guesses about five days out at best. Ten days is insane to be reporting the possibility of a snowstorm and getting the general public all in a tizzy.

So the next day at work, on or about February 2nd, I made the prediction that Columbus would not get another snow for the rest of winter. Erik poked me with a stick and made me define “snow.” My definition was anything greater than ¼” in 24 hours.

Well, that two feet of snow never materialized. And since that time, we have been predicted to have slush and fluffy snow and ice… but so far, my prediction has stood up.

I explained my bet to a local forecaster on Twitter and he said my luck was up as we were going to get 1/2” of slush the next day and 1” of fluffy snow the day after.

Well, he was completely wrong and my stupid prediction was still on.

Face and name of said forecaster hidden to protect his identity.

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees, which worries me because we always seem to get that late March early April snow here in central Ohio. But I might be in the clear.

So to add a bit of muscle to the prediction, here’s my up: No More Snow in 2009. I predict that Central Ohio, specifically Columbus, OH will not get another snow greater that ¼” within a 24 hour period for the rest of 2009. Obviously this includes November and December of 2009 as well.

There. I said it.

So when we get 36” of snow on April 7th, you’ll have me to blame.

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Josh_The_IT_Guy said...

Its April 7th and it's kinda snowing (not to your 1/4 inch definition), I just hope you are wrong about the 36" amount...