How big is the hole in your bumper?

Freckled Jenn made a slight spacial error and backed her car into her husband's jeep. It left a hole in her bumper. I asked her how big the hole was. She said it was $800 big. I was curious as to how big $800 was so I did some scientific studies by filling the hole with mathematically proven, standard sized objects.

The following items:
2' long 2"x4" board
mostly empty Kroger Brand mouth wash
empty pack of beef jerky
mostly empty 16 oz Gatorade Bottle (Frost Flavor) nicely into the hole.

That's how big an $800 hole is. I left the objects in there so that Jenn would also know how big the hole was.

As it turns out, the back of Bobby's pick up truck is also $800 big because Jenn threw my measuring devices in the back of Bobby's truck.

Author's note: It seems that because Bobby was unaware of the $800 worth of measuring devices in his truck bed, he failed to secure them. There is now $400 worth of measuring devices along 315N somewhere between 70 and Lane Ave.

If you happen to see them, feel free to contact me for their return.


Who am I today? said...

kindof reminds me of a clown car. I'm pretty sure you could have fit in more. (lol)

Anonymous said...

I could probably fit holyjuan in there... oh, hoooolllyyyjuaannnnnn!

-freckle jenn

dogsdontpurr said...

I tend to be dyslexic, so I originally read your title as:
"How Big is Your Bumper Hole."

But, I guess that could work too.

TOPolk said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh. Good post.

Joshua Obelenus said...

I think I ran over $100 worth of measuring device this morning getting onto 315. I had a beef jerky wrapper slam into my windshield.

I am unable to return the measuring device tho :( it was too cold to retrieve from the highway.