How big is the hole in your bumper?

Freckled Jenn made a slight spacial error and backed her car into her husband's jeep. It left a hole in her bumper. I asked her how big the hole was. She said it was $800 big. I was curious as to how big $800 was so I did some scientific studies by filling the hole with mathematically proven, standard sized objects.

The following items:
2' long 2"x4" board
mostly empty Kroger Brand mouth wash
empty pack of beef jerky
mostly empty 16 oz Gatorade Bottle (Frost Flavor) nicely into the hole.

That's how big an $800 hole is. I left the objects in there so that Jenn would also know how big the hole was.

As it turns out, the back of Bobby's pick up truck is also $800 big because Jenn threw my measuring devices in the back of Bobby's truck.

Author's note: It seems that because Bobby was unaware of the $800 worth of measuring devices in his truck bed, he failed to secure them. There is now $400 worth of measuring devices along 315N somewhere between 70 and Lane Ave.

If you happen to see them, feel free to contact me for their return.


KG Finfrock said...

kindof reminds me of a clown car. I'm pretty sure you could have fit in more. (lol)

Anonymous said...

I could probably fit holyjuan in there... oh, hoooolllyyyjuaannnnnn!

-freckle jenn

Anonymous said...

I tend to be dyslexic, so I originally read your title as:
"How Big is Your Bumper Hole."

But, I guess that could work too.

TOPolk said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh. Good post.

Joshua Obelenus said...

I think I ran over $100 worth of measuring device this morning getting onto 315. I had a beef jerky wrapper slam into my windshield.

I am unable to return the measuring device tho :( it was too cold to retrieve from the highway.