Erik Eats Ribon Milk Soft Candy: Solid Udder Squirt Yum Snack Taste with Surprise

Erik was very hungry today, but he was also very thirsty. He desired a healthy food, but a sugary snack. He wanted a full belly, but also a way to straighten his bent spine. Is there any snack out there that can suffice?


Ribon Milk Soft Candy!

An inspection of the package reveals a cow and the suggestion of health:

At last! A not too sticky calcium enriched soft-candy that’s both healthy and tasty.

Erik likes tasty.
Erik likes healthy.
Erik likes not too sticky on his belly. I mean, in his belly.

Pull one out Erik and let’s take a look.

Well, a solid lump of white. Let's cut it open!

Looks… calciumy.

A look at the package reveals a bunch of numbers and foreign language.

Let’s bring in our interpreter Arata Isozaki to decipher the package.

Well that was knowledgefull!

Let’s see how Erik Eats.

He likes it!

Oh! We forgot to check the ingredients. Let’s take a quick look.

Nothing odd here…

Oh no!

What's a happenin'!

He's down!

Oh look! More candies to share with others! Yum!

Next week we will try some foods we found in the cafeteria during the renovations!


Sleepy Scott said...

Is Erik dead? If yes, who will fill the vacant "food taster" position?

HolyJuan said...

Greg, it seems.