What kind of company logo/mascot is this?

We saw this logo on the side of a company van today:

(image from http://www.sewer-rat.org/)

What the fuck is that! That rat has one hell of a robotic, claw appendage extending from its groin or it's humping a drain snake. Add the Jesus Fish on his sleeve and the Ohio State hat and you've got yourself one hell of a mascot.

They are a plumbing company in Columbus Ohio called Swamp Rat. Next time I have a meat plug in the toilet during a Buckeyes game and I need some religion, I'm going to give them a call.


StephDK said...

Meat Plug?! That's an awesome word. Only you.

jali said...

That's a photo of my first ex-husband. It was photo-shopped a bit... but yeah - that's him.

Anonymous said...

That mascot is so inspiring. Makes me want to convert to Christianity and grow a robotic arm-penis.