Rock Star Parking vs Movie Star Parking

Let’s say you are driving out to a restaurant and as you prepare to circle the block 18 times looking for a parking spot, a space appears right in front of the restaurant. What kind of parking do you call that? My friend Erik calls it Rock Star Parking. I call it Movie Star parking. Who is right?

I am biased, but I will try to be fair.

Erik is wrong. I am right. It's called Movie Star Parking

Rock Star Parking implies that because Rock Stars are famous/popular that a spot in front of a destination will be reserved for them. Or that they are so important that people will make room for them. Or perhaps they are so special that the parking god (I believe her name is Vera) just makes a spot magically appear.

The flaw in Erik’s logic is that Rock Stars don’t drive themselves. They have their driver or an entourage that drop them off at the front door. Even more likely, Rock Stars are dropped of at back doors to avoid the types of people that might save them a parking spot in front.

I refer to good parking as Movie Star Parking because no one in the movies ever parks more than ten steps away from an entrance. A space always is open. There usually isn’t a meter. They don’t even need to parallel park as there are three open spaces so they can glide in. Sometimes the scene in the movie just cuts to them getting out of an already parked car.

It’s Movie Star parking. An open space in front of a destination. I’m right. Erik’s wrong. I'm sure you all can agree to that.


Anonymous said...

It's "Dream Spot" for me. That one dates circa 1989 by Miss Deidre Potts and has stuck ever since.

Jen - said...

Andy's Mom called this a "no meat" spot. i.e.-If you get a really great parking space, there won't be any good cuts of meat in the grocery store. It should be noted this theory has never been proven. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've always gone with rock star parking myself, but the little lady refers to it as "princess parking"

Which as we all can agree... is completely insane.

Anonymous said...

Doug - still ROCK STAR parking, sorry but Erik's right.

Jen - OMG that is so Andy's mom!(god bless her soul)


Jen - said...

Yeah, sorry Doug it's ROCK STAR parking. I'm with Erik on this one, but I do like the princess parking concept from Mrs. Smail.