Fundamentalist Swimwear

Stephanie sent me an e-mail with a link to What a treat! Who knew that there was such a resource for my Fundamentalist swim needs!

Culotte Swimmer

Here’s the Culotte Swimmer on what looks to be that girl from “Full House.” It’s for the more active swimmer. Culotte roughly translates to "virgin until thirty-five."

Skirted Swimmer

The Skirted Swimmer looks to be a bit racier. Probably for the Louisiana Fundamentalists. You can make your own "Blossom" comments on this one. (I also like the girl running the dynamite wire from the abortion clinic on the WWJD pink spool.)

Extended Slimming Swimmer

Finally, the Extended Slimming Swimmer for hiding those naughty, naughty calves. Or for covering up the “dinner was late” bruises.

And we laugh at the Burka…

Which reminds me of… the Burkini!

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