Gap Commercial or HolyJuan is really gay

{Author's note: This video has been removed from YouTube, but I found a different version on some Russian web site. You'll have to click the link to get there as I fail at html.}

This commercial came out in 2004. I love the re-mix of the Kool and the Gang song.

Fresh Crop

It's that first few seconds, that beat... that's what makes me gay.

Here's the second version, just for shits and giggles.

Fresh Crop 2


StephDK said...

I thought it was the fact that you liked to kiss boys or that you scream like a little girl when scared that made you gay?

HolyJuan said...

Hey, sneaking into my bathroom and scaring the shit out of me is a perfectly good excuse to let out a girlish squeal.

Anonymous said...

i liked that ad! Some of the best ads never last.