The Power (and cost) of Soup

Well crap.

Last year at this time, Meshell and I were talking about me publishing a children’s book. She had an illustration called The Power of Soup and I wrote a story about it with the same title.

I also registered With all the money that was going to be coming my way, I thought it was prudent.

I made only one (failed) attempt at getting the story published and gave up.

I received three or four e-mails about the site subscription coming to an end. Each one a reminder that I was a lazy fuck. I just wanted it to die.

Well it didn’t…

Dear Douglas,
Customer Number: 7574832312

We just want to let you know we've automatically renewed the following items according to our agreement:
Product Name Unit Price Qty Total Price
------------ ---------- --- -----------
.COM Domain Name Renewal - 1 Year $ 8.95 1 $ 9.17

The automatic renewal was on. Crap.

So, for someone who does not believe in fate, I am going to make the best of this. I’ll re-write and re-submit.

Maybe we will look back at this and laugh. I’ll let you know how it goes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do it you can!!!!

I am so excited...Trust me I know the warm hand of fate and what it can accomplish if you follow your dreams and your soup.

If you dont take full advantage of this opportunity then how will you ever know what could have been?

I cant wait to promote it to everyone i know.