10 things that no one really gives a crap about

What music that shuttle astronauts wake up to

Anything libertarians have an opinion about

Ending a sentence in a preposition

Spelling and grammar in the comments section

Hemp (no one really gives a crap about hemp, they just want marijuana legalized)

Salt (salt used to be as bad as cigarettes... what happened?)

Manners (that sucks, but again, no one cares that it sucks)

What your kid did that was cute/funny

People who smoke all their lives dying from cancer

Your Blog


Roger Ritthaler said...

I enjoyed your graphic on the organizational chart on July 18, 2007.

But what do you have against Libertarians? Or, was that "libertarians?" Or, was that just a challenger? Or, have you changed your mind since June 16, 2007?

Joel said...

"salt used to be as bad as cigarettes... what happened?"

Studies showed that it was only bad for people with a pre-existing risk of heart disease.

Oh, and people started drinking enough water.

If you're taking diuretics, or you only drink coffee and alcohol as if you're from the '40s, then OK, salt is bad for you. Otherwise, it's probably OK.

Answering rhetorical questions, however...still bad for one's health.

HolyJuan said...


You may be the first stranger to actually get my site.

2% reality
85% sarcasm
7% bullshit
1% bad math

Thank you!!