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Regina Spektor - Us

I am mentally unstable. My two current crushes are on a cartoon character and Regina Spektor. I randomly found her while listening to Ben Folds. Love her voice. The video is fun too. I think my wife is going to leave me if I keep this up.

Other Mother Crush Continues

I went and saw Coraline for the 27th time tonight. The theater had me escorted out between my 3rd and 4th viewing when I bought a large tub of popcorn, dumped it out and filled it with butter flavored oil. I guess it wasn't the oil that bothered them, but when I requested a hole saw and a rubbermaid glove, they freaked out.

Here is an obviously stolen photo of other mother.

I'm gonna buy Miss Sally the chicken oven mitt for her birthday, but it will really be a gift for me.

My Secret Crush

I have a crush on Other Mother from the movie Coraline.

Photo courtesy of Randi Mason on Flickr.

I know she is evil. I know she is horrible. I know she is deadly.

But it's just a crush.

Now to see if I can't get Miss Sally to buy Clairol Haircolor #70 Black Stilettos - Bright Black. Hubba hubba.


You might be familiar with an experiment that involves heating a container with a small amount of water in it, capping it and then cooling it. The cooling causes a difference in pressure and the result is very fun to watch.

My friend Keegan decided to try this experiment with an oil drum. Here is the result:

He was pretty proud of this experiment and claimed that it was the largest type of experiment he had seen on the internet. That was until we found this one:

Not exactly the same experiment, but the result is amazing.