Velveeta’s Mix 08/2002

The thing about nicknames is that you usually do not get the opportunity to choose your own. Most the time, people do something stupid and then they are stuck with a nickname for life.  Nicknames like Car Trunk, Forrest Gump and Palmolive are nicknames that are hard to get rid of.

My nickname, to some, is Velveeta. While there are many reasons for this nickname, I like to think it is because Velveeta is the cheesiest. Either way, I like the nickname Velveeta and I’ve somehow been able to have people call me that instead of Dog Poop Hida.

About 10 years ago, my friend Anne (Chia) gave me a mix CD.  We had worked together for about four years and she was moving on to bigger and better things.  On her way out the door, she gave me a CD called Velveeta’s Mix.

It was an awesome CD.


Yeah, well, because I am an idiot, I lost the CD cover and eventually the CD was scratched to shit and unplayable in my CD player.

But I kept the CD because it meant a lot to me.

Fast forward to yesterday and Miss Sally requesting I burn a CD for her. As I was digging though the dust to find that stack of 100 cds that I bought right before thumb drives came out, I found Anne’s mix cd.

For shits and giggles, I put it in my computer and tried to rip it or at least listen to it skip and digitally static its way to the end.

It worked.

It’s a great mix and I thought I would share it with you:

Faces – Ooh La La
Stereo Total – C’est La Mort
U2 – Beautiful Day
Peter Gabriel – Love to be Loved
David Byrne-Dance On Vaseline (Thievery Corporation Remix)
The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again
Arling & Cameron - Dirty Robot
U2 – Lemon
David Byrne – Flowers
Lucinda Williams – Lonely Girls
Ben and Jason – Romeo and Juliet are Drowning
Misty Dixon -  Beautiful Ones
David Byrne – The Great Intoxication
National Skyline - Some Will Say
Morrissey – Interesting Drug
Talking Heads – Once In a Lifetime
Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place

Thanks to my Droid 3 and the Shazam application for helping me find the songs I couldn't remember.

Because this is the internet, I can share these songs with you via a playlist on Grooveshark: Click here for Velveeta's Mix.


mike said...

Awww... hermey. I feel silky just thinking about it. Lol

Anonymous said...

Velveeta -

Glad to know you are still enjoying the mix.


HolyJuan said...

How do I know this is the REAL Chia?