Perpendicular Speed Trap

As I leave my house in the car, my road dead ends into the main street that runs through our neighborhood. There must have been some calamity with them crazy kids speeding thorugh the area on that main street because the city put up a speed detector with a large readout that says "SPEED LIMIT 25; YOUR SPEED XX" with XX being your speed.

The radar is set up in such a way that it will clock my speed as I slow down to stop at the intersection. My street is perpendicular to the radar so I know they weren't trying to measure speed on my street, it's just a coincidence that is can also tell my speed.

So for the past few mornings, I've been trying to see what speed I can reach before I have to stop at the sign. My record so far is 32.

I'll let you know when I get into an accident or when they set the radar up on my street because of the new speeding complaints.


Schuyler said...

Wait. That's not the real purpose of those things?

Andi said...

Heh, those things are fun... they made me relise that most cars have VERY optimistic speedos... which i take advantage of.

For a tale of cop woe, read my latest post. You'll laugh, You'll cry, it'll change your life!

Unknown said...

I left you a very easy-to-accept blog award on my last post. It's got a picture of a girl on it, but I still thought you deserved it. :)