Towel Day is May 25th

Help to honor the life of Douglas Adams by celebrating Towel Day.

Here are some things you can do with your towel:
carry small stuff
drag bigger stuff
drape it over stuff too big to drag
don it
wrap it around your head
hide contraband
detain people with contraband
hide your shame
shame your hide
table cloth
somewhere to put sand when you are at the beach
emergency coffee filter
makeshift bra
loin cloth
makeshift bra and loin cloth combo
hands-on science museum speed of sound demonstration

And if you run out of ideas, you can use it to lay on in a field at night, stare up at the stars and thank Douglas Adams for making the Universe a much better place to be insignificant in.

Please feel free to add your own towel ideas in the comments.


Maundering mutterer said...

Best for interstellar hitch hiking! One could try using it as a napkin during the endless teatime of the soul...

Mr. Phip said...

Everytime I see a reference to "Hitchhiker's Guide" I cannot help but think of the greatest name ever given in popular fiction.
I can't even say it out loud without smiling. That silly bastard and his fjords...