Tire Change

A few weeks ago, I was leaving work to go fight a parking ticket (I won) when I noticed my rear, driver's side tire was flat. In a panic, I borrowed Erik's car and drove over to my hearing.

As I was filled with "beat the system" bravado back at the office, I mentioned to Josh that I was a pretty good tire changer. He did not doubt me. I said that I could change a tire in about three minutes. Now he doubted me. He said seven minutes, six on a good day. Erik agreed. Sopressata agreed to take photos.

We set about to finding out if it was a good day or not.

The rules were that the clock started when I stuck my key in the trunk and it would stop when everything was in the trunk and the lid was shut.

On my mark:

By the way, that is a sucker stick and not a Virginia Slim.

And he's off...

Remember to loosen the bolts while the tire is still on the ground.

Luckily the bald spot is on the back of my head where I don't notice it.

Hand tighten the nuts.


I finished in 2 minutes and 47 seconds. It was a good day.


Jim said...

It would take me more than 3 minutes to get to the damn tire. Too much junk in the trunk.

Kristen said...

I want to see the video. You didn't take a video?

Anonymous said...

Wow wee.
Joe and Amy
PS...By the way, whey didn't you get the actual HOLY JUAN for the licence plate...did you settle....and did Sally know you were going for the HOLY JUAN lic plate?