Anonymous said...

Geez, dude. I hope you didn't actually apply for this. That would be so lame.

HolyJuan said...

Are you kidding? I could have sold those for $1,000 no problem!

Anonymous said...

Pathetic isn't it? The near deification of a sleeze-bag pedophile and the desire to profit from it shows the sorry state our nation is in. Greed and sloth. At least you used the word 'sorry'. Maybe I can see it as an apology for even trying.


HolyJuan said...

Jack, I know you've been to my site before... perhaps you might realize that my attempt to obtain tickets was not to honor Jackson's fame, but rather to elevate mine. I'm sure I would have come up with something fun to do with them besides sell them.

Sleep tight.

sedgehurst said...

Welcome to America, Jack! We hope you like it here.

In case your INS officer didn't explain it to you yet, laws and moral judgement don't apply to famous people. Rushed 1000 yards? Kill whoever you want. Dance or sing well enough, you can take sexual liberties with others. Once you've achieved the pinnacle of success as laid out by our nation's forefathers (your own TV or radio talk show), your karma ticket is permanently punched and you enter a state of Nirvana whereby you can be as racist, prejudiced, and hateful as you could every possibly imagine.

Good luck to you!