Worst Slide Ever

We went to the park this past weekend and found a newly installed play area. As we walked up, I saw the greatest slide in the world. It was snake-like with several huge curves in it.

My increasingly large butt was too big for it, but both Greg and Ann would shoot down that sucker and hopefully make it to the bottom without incurring the negative setbacks from whiplash.

I sent them to the top to slide down. I put my camera on the highest intensity video setting to capture the high speed decline. I only hope the frame rate was fast enough to capture the moment without blurring their glee filled faces.

Wow. That is the worst slide ever. I'm not sure if they designed it to be a slide or a ladder, but they failed at both. Huge disappointment.

On a positive note, they had two very awesome, carved climbing rocks.

Some of the bitterness went away because of the fun we had on those.



Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd second H.J. on this, because I was there. Worst. Slide. Ever.

Kris said...

This video had me in stitches. Amazing!

Lost Glove Found said...

I don't know. Anne seemed to like it, depite Miss Sally's attempt to sway her otherwise. That'll help when Anne grows up to inevitably love the current sucky boy band...

Anonymous said...

You have got to send that video to Letterman or something!!! That is hilarious! Tax payer money didnt pay for that slide did it?


Love it!

Anonymous said...

jesus christ, what a horrible slide.